How To Create A Good Action Research Paper Problem Statement: Tips & Tricks

Action research suggests using dual methodology – action and exploration. Both methods are important, and need to be used in conjunction with one another. This type of methodology is usually employed when some community problem needs to be solved. In conducting action research, people investigate the problem and straight away put the solution into action. Putting it simply – this is learning by doing. It is clear that conventional methods are not feasible to use in such situations. This is when this type of study comes as a real help. In action research you do not have to spend a lot of time on theoretical investigation. In fact, putting it in writing is what takes most of the time in conventional investigation.

Here are some advantages of action method:

  1. Minimum of theoretical studies and maximum of the practical implementation
  2. Learning from experience, not from literature
  3. Working in partnership with people, since this is a participative method
  4. A thesis that has a direct connection to practice will give you advantage in the future career

If you have decided to conduct an action research, there are some disadvantages as well.

  1. This is harder than the conventional scholarly investigation. It involves more work.
  2. You take the responsibility for the action and its outcome.
  3. Doing this kind of work, you need to acquire some new skills, and it is possible that you do not have time for that.

When creating a problem statement for action research, remember that it has a cyclic nature. Each cycle has four steps:

  • Planning
  • Acting
  • Observing
  • Reflecting

Action study is quite often used in educational situations or such fields as medical practice and psychology. This is an occupationally relevant methodology. Think about the problem you come across in your work that you would like to solve. Consider what kind of change you would like to make to help people around. The possibilities for action research are limitless. Here are some examples of problem statements you may use:

  1. How can I as a teacher facilitate independent writing in my classroom?
  2. What kind of methods will help me teach children with autism?
  3. What changes in teaching materials and design of curriculum do I have to make to implement new science program in my classroom?
  4. How can the quality of life on campus be improved?
  5. Discovering the personality types and how they are relevant for teamwork.

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