Topics for Your Research on Psychology

Many students find psychology an interesting subject in school, whether it is your major or one of the subjects in the school curriculum. The study of the person’s mind and behavior intrigues people, giving them an idea about themselves and the people around them.

Because there are so many subtopics in this course, the teacher cannot tackle everything. Thus, a common project is a research paper where students can study in-depth something of great interest to them.

Topic is key

A big challenge for some students is the topic selection.  Teachers often require each student in the class to pick something unique to avoid copying. However, those who select last usually find that the best topics have been taken, leaving them scratching their head for what to do. 

If this is you, read on for some possible choices for your psychology research.

Family Related

  1. How can the death of a pet affect children’s view about life?
  2. Can raising a pet really make children more mature?
  3. How do families cope with disabilities in the family?
  4. Are single moms really better than single fathers?
  5. How do children cope when a parent works far from home?
  6. Are religious families closer to one another than those who don’t practice their faith?
  7. Do teens still believe in marriage?

School Related

  1. How do bullies become bullies?
  2. Are friendlier teachers really better than stricter ones?
  3. How helpful are guidance counselors to the average high school student?
  4. What are the best teaching techniques for special children in school?
  5. Should students from broken homes be given more attention in school?
  6. How is homework affecting the self-confidence of students today?
  7. Is sex education really helping students understand the importance of family?


  1. How different is the stress at work now compared to a decade ago?
  2. What can employers do to lessen stress at work?
  3. How can a person recover mentally if they have lost their job?
  4. What fears do new employees face at work, and how can these be overcome?
  5. Are new blue-collared workers more anxious about work than new white-collared employees?
  6. Do welcome parties for new employees really help them adjust to their workplace?
  7. How can employers better select employees who will really stay with them for a long time?

About the Individual

  1. What are the common causes of eating disorders?
  2. How does a person’s culture affect their self-confidence?
  3. Why are some people more anxious about the future than others?
  4. Does the amount of time spent on social media affect one’s view of the world?
  5. Why are some people more adventurous than others?
  6. Does a person’s faith affect their career in life?
  7. How do people today choose their life partners?


A research paper in psychology is a good way to know more about the world around us. Hopefully, the list above has given you something interesting to research on. Good luck!

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