Exciting Topics for Your Business Research

If your undergraduate course is related to business (e.g. entrepreneurship, management, marketing, accounting, or economics) or you are enrolled in an MBA or DBA, you will probably be asked to make a business research for at least one of your subjects. In such an assignment, you learn more about particular areas of business and how they affect sales, profit, clients, or personnel.

Picking a topic

While some teachers may require certain topics for their research, many others give their students a free hand in picking something they like. If your teacher is so generous, it is smart to pick something that you are interested in getting into after you graduate or something that is connected to what you do right now if you are already working. In this way, you get a good grade while enhancing your knowledge on something of help to you.

Options for those who do not know what to choose

But if you are still unsure of what you want to become after graduation, it can be hard to select a topic. If that is you, take a look at these choices that you can use or adjust to what you need.

International Business

  1. A comparison of minimum wages in developed countries
  2. The effects of outsourcing on the local economy
  3. Why are certain countries able to supply outsourced manpower better than others?
  4. Are the top countries fully utilizing their natural resources?
  5. Top differences in business strategies in the West and the East
  6. How trade agreements affect those nations not involved
  7. How can businesses take advantage of international tax laws?
  8. Are multinational companies dictating the terms of business?
  9. Best practices when entering a foreign market
  10. Why do some popular domestic brands not succeed internationally?

Business and Family

  1. How effective are family businesses?
  2. Contribution of mom and pop stores to the local economy
  3. Should investors be wary of family-owned corporations?
  4. How effective are advertisements aimed at children?
  5. Should commercials be more family-oriented?
  6. Best practices to market to families
  7. How to reduce conflict in a family business
  8. How family businesses can compete with more established companies
  9. What businesses can do to promote a better work-life balance
  10. How are malls adjusting their operations to attract families?

About the Company

  1. Do company recreational areas raise productivity?
  2. Impact of automation in nonmanufacturing companies
  3. The importance of branding to medium-sized enterprises
  4. How concerned are businesses about their impact on the environment?
  5. Bad effects of government on business decisions
  6. Impact of cryptocurrencies on business
  7. The effects of unions on business
  8. When should a company go public?
  9. Are college graduates prepared for their first job?
  10. Positives and negatives of in-house training for employees


The chance to learn more about a particular topic in business as you earn a good grade should not be passed up. So choose your topic well for your business research paper. Enjoy!

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